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Printed photos for backgrounds for your projects.
Standard size photos are 2000x1333 pixels. Jpg format. 
Videos are shot in 1920 x1080 format.
Suitable for television viewing.
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Many of our photos are simply unique. Once in a lifetime photos.
Our Use Licenses are simple and Royalty Free.

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Our photos and videos are designed to express the uniqueness of the photographer's agenda and subject matter. The products posted here are the result of the photographers keen eye for detail and not available in any store...

Our photos are energy driven by faith.  The preservation of the moments and scenes that make up our lives are preserved in digital memory to be used in a variety of media promotions.

The photos and video posted here are for use in various styles of presentations including: digital backgrounds, commercials, power point presentations, video message boards, printed publications, private use and educational platforms.

Our videographers and photographers are available to discuss any photo and video need. To make an appointment  contact us by email.

Proven Results

with a little help

Design Skills 101%
Late Nights 82%
Pizza 65%
Coffee 41%
RedBull 50%

You live today

to preserve you history and prepare for tomorrow.

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 Getting your message across through Photos and Videos.  Commercial or private use.

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Create stories and messages
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This is our main catalog for stock photos and video. Photos 2000x1333 Pixels
Videos 1920x1080
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Road Trips

Scenes from the vehicle

Bridges, street signs, buildings, planes, a whole lot more. Photos and Videos for your next advertisement or publication.
 Road Trip

Mountain Ridges

Ice Capped Mountains

High Elevation shots Including Pikes Peak.
Colorado views and much more.

Bridges to Buildings

Strengthen your relationship

in business and social media. Awesome man-made wonders spanding great distances. Just breath-taking views.

Private and Commercial use..

We are available to photograph

  Your next event and work with you to maximise the effect of your next message or presentation.

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 Videographic Services

Visualize and plan for tomorrow.

Use video in politics and personal endeavers. Get you message across.

Story Board Creation


Search our inventory. Photos and videos can be tailored to meet the critea of the project in need. We will purpose shoot videos depending on the style, characters and the purpose of the video.

Video Editing

All inclusive!

We are available for editing, compiling and producing of the final video. You will get a chance to pre-view before the final cut.

Voice Over


We use male and female talents for narration of your story. We create the scripts and interview the talents.

Production and Hosting

Public Viewing!

We can play a small part in your next project or you can select from our existing inventory found here. Easy to use and available in many formats.

One Small Team

With Great BIG Talent!

See what's new with our Koolpromos Photos and Videos.. Chock full of new photos , components and sliders.
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